Reiko goes BDO

"Nothing is more constant than change" - Heraclitus

One might think that this age-old wisdom does not apply to the enduring branch of fiduciary companies. The basic principle of accounting has been the same since the 15th century.

But the number of laws governing entrepreneurship has not only grown steadily, but are also undergoing an ever faster change. Economy and society today operate beyond national borders and thus beyond Swiss law. They digitize and automate. This raises questions that nobody even dared to think about a decade ago.

To support you in assessing risks, making decisions and taking advantage wherever possible, has always been my ultimate goal. My passion for the challenge of keeping track of all the different and yet related topics is still unbroken today.

That's why I will continue doing exactly this. With pride we will join one of the leading fiduciary companies in Switzerland. As per 1 May 2018, BDO Zug will integrate Reiko GmbH für Treuhandservice.

What is established will remain - lots of things will get better. As customers partner I will stay the first point of contact for my customers. Moreover my job as a member of the extended leadership team will be to continue establishing and shaping customer service. In collaboration with the head of department Rafael Lötscher, we will further expand the department for pension, social security and succession. And I will continue to pass on my knowledge and experience within the BDO Academy.

The branch of BDO Zug is headed by Michael Bitzi and Rafael Lötscher as his deputy. It is located at Industriestrasse 53 in Steinhausen. The selection of services ranges from classic topics such as accounting, payroll accounting, tax and audit to areas of expertise such as international audits, expat care, pension and succession arrangements.

With a total of 33 branches throughout Switzerland, BDO operates independent from places. We are close at hand, wherever you are.

"Create free space, facilitate communication, provide security". Nothing will change in our guiding principle. Personal, individual service is still my top credo. I am convinced that with joint forces we will live up to this more than ever.

I say "thank you" to all my campanions for their support on the way so far and am happy when our paths cross again.

"We can not change the wind, but we can set the sails properly". - Aristotle

Yours sincerely,
Myriam Minnig